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Annual OVER-40 Hurling and Gaelic Global Cup
"Knees That Craic"

Feb. 1st, 2025

James Regional Park

Las Vegas, NV

The NCGAA is honored to host...

The Over-40 Hurling and Gaelic Global Cup

"Knees That Craic" Fundraiser Tournament 

for Masters and aged players

Join the NCGAA in Las Vegas for our fundraiser tournament, made exclusively for players over 40 years old! 

Relive your glory days and enjoy a weekend of Gaelic Games and shenanigans in Las Vegas! BUT FIRST READ EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE!!!

To register, sign waiver form, & pay... 

Hotel: The Linq Hotel, 3535 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas NV

The website link for the room discounts will be out soon. We got a GREAT rate and ask you to book through our link so we can keep the great rate by showing how many rooms we use. The booking link for the Linq (hehehe) will be up soon.  


TBD- we are working on the band and the space we need to support that. Once we have final numbers we will know

NCGAA Over 40 Fundraiser Tourney info pack

When is it?

Feb 1st, 2025

Time 8am-5pm

What is the cut off?

BE BORN BEFORE Jan 1, 1986

Where are the games?

James Regional Park Las Vegas, Nevada


Who is it for or who can come?

Any person born before Jan. 1, 1986 can play. If you have a group you would like to be placed with as a team please come up with a name so we can coordinate that. If you are registering as an individual let us know your region and we can place you with people from nearby. If there is a small group of you and not a full team we can place you with others in a similar situation. USGAA or GAA INSURANCE DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS EVENT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE CURRENTLY REGISTERED WITH THE GAA/USGAA TO PLAY.

Players need to confirm participation Dec 1st, 2024 for early registration discount along with registration fee of $125 per player, Dec 1st - Dec 15th $160 a player. This is a fundraiser to help start college programs in North America and pay for what is basically your replacements. For all players outside of North America the fee is $100 a player before Dec 1st and $150 after. 

What is it for?

Craic, enjoyment, activity, help get equipment and refs for college teams and development, a bit of fun and socialising!


  Spectators, fans and families are more than welcome, and encouraged


All individuals taking part, do so at their own risk. Personal private sport insurance is advised. The GAA, NCGAA,  USGAA and the organisers of the Tourney accept no responsibility for any injuries, accident or incidents that may occur while in Vegas.


  • Teams to be 13 for hurling and 13 for Football. 

  • Teams to be made up of players born before Jan 1, 1986.

  • Teams are anyone who signed up. There is no Gender Identity or Pronouns at NCGAA. 

  • You cannot sign up for Football and Hurling. You have to choose. You are too old to do both. Channel your inner Meryl Streep in Sophies Choice. We don't care that you workout and just turned 40, you are too old to play that many games in one day. Ok we changed our minds on this one so good luck to those who think they can do both cause its a lot of games in one day 

  • Games will be modified rules to accommodate our aged bodies. "minimal contact while making a reasonable effort to play the ball"

  • No wheelchairs on the field

  • No player shall say that they could play more games at end of day. Our goal is to not make Kim cry this year. 

  • Football will be traditional football rules 

  • Mouth guards must be worn for football games. Night guards are ok 


  • Games to be a minimum of two 15 minute halves  (may increase depending on the number of teams that register and time permitting)

  • Unlimited substitutions.  Substitutes not to enter pitch until player they are replacing has left the pitch and on Dead-Ball. Must be signaled onto the field be referee

  • If a player is disrespecting a ref or organiser they will be asked to leave the tourney. If we hear offensive words  or phrases you will be asked to leave. If you won't say it to your grandma don't say it here. If its behavior you know will upset Kim expect to be asked to leave. 

  • All teams to leave a tidy pitch/side line, clean as you go.

Pitch Layout-

  • 120 yards x 80 yards pitches. 


  • Helmets must be worn at all times while playing hurling

  • Anyone playing dirty has to sit in the Kim Bin for a timeout and the NCGAA board will give you disappointed looks, head shakes, and you have to listen to Kim tell you all about the effort and time it took to put together the tournament and she may make you buy another raffle ticket. 


All participants taking part, do so at their own risk. Social Hurling  falls outside the USGAA players insurance schemes and as such the GAA, USGAA, NCGAA club and organisers cannot be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, injuries or occurrences. 

First Aid-

We the organizers, will have two first aid medics and an ambulance on site. 


Very lovely trained people will be reffing games. They all volunteer to do this so be kind to them. They are tired, old, and only get a free hotel room and flight out of this. We aren't even feeding them. Well, we will let them eat at the afterparty...

Each team can bring their own sloitars. Size 5 to be used for the games. We have NCGAA sloitars to use as well and if you steal them Kim will know. She may not know immediately, but she will find out...  

Team info pages-

Teams will be finalized Dec 15th, 2024 after we have received individual registration, payment and requests for placements. We will post regularly on our facebook event page for the tourney and our website.


Follow our event page

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